7 Signs that Your Air Ducts May Have to be Cleaned

Ensuring that your central air system is circulating air via clear and unpolluted passage-ways, is important to make sure that you aren’t paying unnecessarily inflated energy consumption bills and the health of your family or employees is protected. Below, are seven signs that your air ducts may have to be cleaned:


  1. Permanent or reoccurring water damage to your air ducts can significantly speed up the process of mold growth. Pollutants caught within your air duct system, such as skins cells, bug excrement, antigen and dirt, could quickly manifest into mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria when water is combined.


  1. Illnesses and allergies continuously affecting one or a number of family members or employees does not necessarily mean that your air duct system is in poor condition, but any pollutants caught within it may not be helping. It’s important to rule-out the possibility of poor air quality by contacting a cleaning expert to perform residential air duct cleaning in Bucks County, PA and surrounding areas.


  1. Foul odors might indicate that your air ducts are not in suitable enough condition to be circulating cool air. If you continue to smell the same odor, especially when your central air system is in operation, then you might have something terrible breeding in your air ducts.


  1. Visible blockages caused by debris, dust or cobwebs that have been sacrificing the functionality of your air ducts, must be removed to ensure the energy efficiency of your central air unit and the health of the air in which it’s circulating.


  1. Mildew, mold, slime or other microbial growth should be an immediate indication that you need a professional to perform an air duct cleaning in Philadelphia, PA and surrounding areas. Breathing in harmful bacteria that is being circulated throughout your living environment will cause serious health complications for your family or employees.


  1. Obvious rodent infestation or insects are another major sign that your air ducts must be cleaned since their presence most likely indicates that your system is grimy enough to facilitate a comfortable environment for mentioned creatures. Bug and rodent excrement is especially jeopardizing of one’s physical health.


  1. Fiberglass air ducts are known to collect more pollutants than those that are constructed with sheet metal. If your air ducts are fiberglass, you must be conscious about how they collect more contaminants so that you don’t experience health and energy efficiency complications.



By recognizing when your air ducts need to be cleaned, you’ll be able to protect the health of your employees and family, as well as help yourself save money on your energy consumption bills. Contact a professional air duct cleaner technician to address clogged and impure systems if any of these signs match up with the current condition of your air ducts.