10 Reasons Why New Homeowners Should Have Their Air Ducts Cleaned



If you’ve recently moved into a new home, make sure you ask highly trained technicians to perform residential air duct cleaning near Bucks County, PA and other Greater Philadelphia areas. Here are ten reasons why you should have your new home’s system cleaned in the immediate future:

  1. The previous owners smoked cigarettes inside the home and now it smells like your local dive bar every time you turn on the AC.
  1. You’ve recently moved into a wooded area where chipmunks, squirrels, field mice, birds and other small creatures dominate, and you suspect that there might have been an invasion at some point. They could have simply left behind droppings or, on the other hand, never found a way out…
  1. You know the people living there before you had a few pets. And now you feel like you have a few pets, too—because dead pet hair has been turning up everywhere!
  1. Allergies hit you hard every Fall, Spring…Summer…Wint-…Yeah—actually allergies come and go with you randomly throughout the entire year. Usually it only got really bad when you were outside, but now you’re setting records with how many times you sneeze in a row, you’re stuffed up and your eyes itch even when you’re indoors.
  1. Energy consumption bills are through the roof! And you have no clue why…
  1. Your family has been experiencing some random sicknesses despite being in good health and not being within close proximity of other sick people. You should be aware that contaminants can quickly manifest into mold, mildew and fungus when water is combined.
  1. When you return home after a few days and start up the AC, your home has a musky smell to it. Sometimes you’re so used to always being in your home that you’re unable to recognize that a rancid odor has been floating around. It’s not until you remove yourself from that environment for a little bit that you realize something’s very
  1. Using Rotobrush cleaning equipment, highly trained professionals will remove everything that has been stealing away from the overall energy efficiency and breathing air quality of your home. The innovative devices will suck out everything the previous owners left behind, so you don’t have to breathe it all in.
  1. There are members of your family that have asthma and you’re looking for ways to help prevent flare-ups.
  1. Recent renovations have been performed before or after the transition and dust was flying throughout the entire project. Although you might have cleaned off your furniture and other items, there still might be harmful particles inside of your air ducts.

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