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Are you a member of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA)?

At Air Purity Experts Inc., our technicians are NADCA-certified and undergo constant training so that they deliver only the best services for local residential and commercial property owners. To earn a NADCA certification, companies must have at least one certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) on staff. As a company, we’re proud to have earned this certification, which allows us to give our customers the confidence that all of our duct cleaning services are performed in compliance with NADCA standards and guidelines.

Is the estimate price really the TOTAL price?

Our highly trained experts deliver exceptional air duct cleanings, dryer vent cleanings and power washing services at affordable rates. At Air Purity Experts Inc., the written estimates for our cleaning support will always remain the same, so that you know exactly what you’re paying prior to our professionals visiting your home. We assure you that both the estimates and services that our professionals provide are completely transparent.

Will registers and diffusers be removed during the cleaning?

To maintain a thorough approach with our cleaning support, Air Purity Experts Inc.’s technicians begin their cleaning services by HEPA vacuuming and removing registers and diffusers.

Will new access panels be installed?

By creating openings in the ventilation system, Air Purity Experts Inc.’s professionals are able to perform visual inspections. To complete a proper cleaning, we’ll get the cleaning tools inside of the system with new access panels.

Will you be placing my ENTIRE duct system under negative pressure?

In accordance to NADCA standards, all of Air Purity Experts Inc.’s duct cleaning services must be performed while the entire system is placed under negative pressure.

Will the floors and furnishings be protected?

Customers can rest assured knowing that when our technicians perform cleaning services, their residential or commercial location will be treated as if it is their own. To emphasize this commitment, we’ll place drop cloths under the vacuum hose, and plastic corner guards will be used to protect your walls. Our experts even wear cloth booties over their shoes to make certain that your floors are protected throughout the course of any cleaning project.

Why should your residential or commercial dryer vents be cleaned?

Through a professional dryer vent cleaning, you’ll reduce the risk of a fire caused by the lint build-up in your vents, and also increase the energy efficiency of your residential or commercial location. By clearing the dangerous blockages inside of your dryer vents with a brush and vacuum system, your clothes will dry quicker, energy consumption bills will be lower, and the longevity of your appliances will increase. If you have noticed a burning odor or extended drying time with your machine, or the vent hood flap does not open properly, then it’s time to look into our dryer vent cleaning support.

Does the price include cleaning the A/C coil and blower compartment?

When the professionals at Air Purity Experts Inc. perform their comprehensive services, your entire air duct system will be cleaned, and the mentioned components will not be considered as an “add-on.” These services are simply in compliance with the NADCA demanded standards.

Do you carry liability insurance of at least $1,000,000?

The professionals at Air Purity Experts Inc. are protected with only the best insurance, so that we can provide residential and commercial property owners with suitable coverage for their property. Our professionals want each and every one of our customers to have confidence in the fact that we have the insurance to support our services. Proof of insurance is certainly available upon request.

How often does by ventilation system need cleaning?

There are several factors that determine the appropriate frequency of air duct cleanings. Although the NADCA recommends that ducts are inspected every 2 years, with full cleaning every 4 to 8 years, it ultimately depends on your preference. Some residential and commercial location owners choose to have cleanings performed more often, considering that they may be more prone to asthma issues or allergies, or there are pets and smokers in their environment. If you have just moved into a new residential or commercial location, or renovations have recently been completed, then the professionals at Air Purity Experts Inc. suggest that you pursue air duct cleaning services.


Are there any health benefits associated with cleaning the air ducts?

Air duct cleanings will certainly help you to breathe easier and eliminate potentially harmful contaminants that might contribute to particular allergies and illnesses. Although you may think that the environment in which you’re breathing is healthy and uncontaminated, you’ll most likely notice a significant difference in your health and overall wellbeing.

How long does each cleaning take?

The length of time required to complete a cleaning project is dependent on the size of the property in which the services are being performed.  With our techniques and equipment, a cleaning typically takes about three hours to clean a three- or four-bedroom home.

Will a visual inspection be provided with your service?

Since customer satisfaction is our top priority, we make sure that you have peace of mind once our services are complete. Our experts will show you pictures displaying the condition of your air ducts before the project was started, as well as after completion. At Air Purity Experts Inc., we want you to feel safe and confident about the quality of the air circulating around your living or working space.

Will power washing services really save me a lot of money in the long run?

There’s no doubt about it that the power washing services provided by Air Purity Experts Inc. will help you to rejuvenate the overall appearance of your residential or commercial property. Instead of having to replace your siding or bricks, for example, our cleaning professionals will wash away the many years of rust, dirt, dust, grime, algae, mold and other substance that have been jeopardizing the exterior appearance of your home or business for quite some time. Our company’s power washing equipment is safe for all exterior materials, including brick, cedar, stucco, vinyl, metal and wood. We’ll even renew the appearance of your shed, garage, driveway, porch, patio, deck or any other outdoor structure.

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