2 Reasons to Call an Air Purity Expert

Professionals with experience in cleaning air ducts and dryer vents such as Air Purity Experts Inc. are available to respectfully enter your home and clean essential components that can—if not properly addressed—gradually lead to harmful consequences. Air duct cleaning services are available from the experts—which has been proven to maximize the quality of air flow in a home or business. The possibility of potential disasters can also be reduced by having your experts remove lint buildup from your dryer and your dryer vent. Here are two reasons to call an air purity expert today:

Harmful Debris in Air Ducts

Regardless of the age of your home—whether old or new—it’s strongly suggested that you clear all of the debris from your air ducts. Over the years, potentially harmful particles including dirt, antigen, bug excrement, dead pet hair, feathers, skin cells, pollen and mold can accumulate in your air ducts and cause terrible health problems. Simply changing the air filters will not do enough. These unfortunate environments suffering from poor ventilation often lead to individuals developing sick building syndrome (SBS)—which is a condition experienced by those working or living in an impure breathing space and usually involves headaches and respiratory complications. Just think of all of the harmful specks and fragments that are caught in your air ducts and possibly causing harm to you and the people you surround yourself with. Call professional air ducts cleaners such as Air Purity Experts Inc., who will suck out all of those particles by using a large, industrial vacuum.

Lint Build up in Dryers

Air purity experts will come into your home, remove the dryer vent from your dryer and will thoroughly clean it out. Dryer vent cleaning should be performed at least once every year to limit the buildup of lent and to help prevent a fire hazard. Cleanings also help homeowners save money by allowing air to flow more freely. Without an annual cleaning, lint will begin to collect and eventually clog your dryer cabinet. A fire might occur if the accumulation of lint starts to build up around the dryer element that reaches temperatures of 300 degrees. While using the washer and dryer on a regular basis, it’s easy for you to forget the importance of cleaning air vents. Without cleaning the vents and removing the lint inside of your dryer, you’ll seriously risk the possibility of a fire. Protect your family by asking individuals with professional training and background checks to come into your home and promptly remove the lint from your dryer so that you save money and a fire doesn’t occur.

Protect your family or coworkers by asking cleaning professionals such as those at Air Purity Experts Inc. to suck out the harmful debris in your air ducts and remove the lint buildup in your dryer. In fact, you can also save money in the long run by not ignoring these fundamental components of your home. With NADCA training and background checks—air purity professionals are more than prepared to complete any air duct or dryer cleaning service.